Resolutely prevent the land "Temporary to become Permanent"

Resolutely prevent the land "Temporary to become Permanent"

  The temporary land is not temporarily, invaded the farmland red line, destroying the market fairness … For various problems in the regulatory management of temporary land, the Natural Resources Department has recently issued the "Notice on Normative Provisional Training Management" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), highlighting cultivated land protection Requirements, further strict and improvement of policy measures, resolutely prevent "temporary permanent", focusing on the excessive range of temporary land, low approval level, the period is not reasonable, and the supervision is not in place. Strictly define the person in charge of the Natural Resource Development and Utilization of Natural Resources Department, which is not uniform for the place in temporary land management, and the "Notice" proposes the specific use requirements for temporary land. Temporary land has the characteristics of temporary and recovery, and is unrelated to construction projects, geological exploration, etc., it is not possible to return to the land or reintegration, and may not be used. "At the same time," Notice "further refines the specific use range of construction project construction and geological exploration temporary land.

  In terms of use, the "Notice" specifies the temporary land limit for temporary land use, and the construction of energy, transportation, and water conservancy and other infrastructure construction projects are temporary land, the period is no more than 4 years.

  Strict protection of cultivated land "notice" clearly, temporary land should do not occupy or account for less cultivated land. The beam field, mixing station, etc. It is difficult to restore the original planting conditions to occupy a cultivated land and permanent basic farmland, which can be used to use land or temporarily occupy unusedly.

The temporary land is required to take up permanent basic farmland, and the original planting conditions must be restored.

  In addition, the "Notice" further improved the completion of reclamation period, and the temporary land use person should complete the land reclamation within one year since the expiration of the temporary land, which affects reclamation due to force majeure factors such as climate, disasters. Advantageously prolong the reclamation period. Strictly implement the temporary land resumption, temporary use (structure) should be demolished after the expiration of the temporary land, and the use of cultivated land should be reclaimed as a cultivated land, ensuring that the area of ??cultivated land is not reduced, and the quality does not decrease; other agricultural land other than the cultivated land should be Restore to agricultural land; unused land, for cultivated land for eligible encouragement reclamation.

  Standardized approval and supervision "The temporary land approval level is the important factor in which there are many problems in temporary land. The level is upgraded to the municipal or municipal level, stipulates that "the county (city) natural resource authorities are responsible for the approval of the temporary land, which involves occupying cultivated land and permanent basic farmland, by the municipal or above the natural resource competent authorities for approval. Under the provisional approvement approval rights or entrust relevant departments to exercise approval rights. " The person in charge introduces that in order to enhance temporary land supervision, "Notice" establishes a temporary land information system, and enhances the interim land approval, use and reclamation.

"Since March 1, 2022, the county (city) natural resource authorities should approve the temporary land approval document, contract, and four to the scope, land use status photo image information, etc. within 20 working days after approval of temporary land. Transport to the temporary land information system and disclose information to the society. "The person in charge said.

  In addition, the periodic spot checks and regular notification systems will be established, and the public will be disclosed to the society without approval, use, no reclamation, and the formation of illegal use of illegal land. (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.