Writing can also refine cultivation

Writing can also refine cultivation

  Through the understanding of "this situation can be remembered, just at the time", write a micro-novel within 150 words; design personal network platform, and write self-introduction, recommend 8 to 10 artwork … … Recently, several Beijing University 2014 "Creative Writing" graduate student’s recruitment test has attracted the eyeballs of many literary enthusiasts.

What is "Creative Writing"? "Does the writer to cultivate professional training?" "The goal is to cultivate application writers with high level writing ability and creative talents. The application model is talented to meet the real needs of the society in modern cultural creative industries. It will mainly cultivate students’ application capabilities, including novels, poetry, prose, film and television scripts, etc., and large cultural activities, new media products planning and creativity. Therefore, the course setting of the Northern University of Creative Writing Professional In addition to basic language lessons, it will have more prominent courses, emphasizing students’ hands-on writing ability, will open professional internship courses, arrange them to relevant units according to students practice.

  "’Creative Writing’ is actually creation.

It is different from general writing courses, not a fill template, and payables. Creative writing not only requires students to appreciate, research, but more importantly, enter practices, create.

Fan Xing, a professor of Wuhan University Association, Vice Chairman of Wuhan Writers Association, said that this profession has a long tradition in British and American countries, and in my country is an emerging professional. In recent years, there have been more colleges and universities, and more and more students have received more and more students. Sought after.

  For example, such as the teacher taught Lu Xun’s "madman diary", the homework that is arranged to students is not simply writing a sense of reading, but after fully absorbing Lu Xun’s writing skills, "the sound of hoist" writes a similar "diary" On the basis of learning, create again. Jin Yongbing introduced that this major is currently equipped in terms of teachers. On the one hand, it will use Peking University’s existing teacher’s strength and academic resources; on the other hand, it will rely on the platform of Peking University, invite experts in the society, and excellent professional practitioners, Writers and so on open courses or doing lectures. "The famous teacher is gorough, not an empty talk.

"Fang Fang Fang pointed out that under the case, the university invitation is a true excellent writer. They go to school to convey real literary spirit, and their very personal thinking, observe angle, refining tricks, and writing skills, these You can provide a reference or reference to your writing enthusiasts in your campus to reduce your own time to explore and find.

  "A writer or a literary enthusiast, professional training is very necessary," For the online hot discussion of the course, Jin Yongbing pointed out that "Master of Creative Writing" is mainly cultivating application writing. It is not deliberate to cultivate writers. "Of course, if you can birth talented writers from it, we are also optimistic.

"Jin Yong Ting, who has been engaged in literary theory, believes that a good job is formed by many factors, such as innate talents, training and personal encounter, although the writer is not able to cultivate, but also It can be trained, such as a writer in the starting stage, through language, text training, and can improve writing level.

"Although writing is a very personal thing, there is also a certain skill to a certain extent, it can be trained and improved." Jin Yongbing said.

  Fang said that although the writing of the writing does not need to intervene; but as a writer or a literary enthusiast, professional training is very necessary, which is indeed contributing to the realization of literary dreams.

  "This curriculum is adapted to the trend of online literature and juvenile writers.

Fan Xing said, "In today’s society, literary research may be insufficient to let students file a strong interest, and writing is a new growth point.

It is second to develop a writer, it is important to open a new way for writing.

"Fan Xing is very optimistic about the prospects of creative writing.

  Fang believes that since many writers want to further improve their understanding of their professionalism, or have deeper understandings for literature, and make writing refinements, then go to the university for several years, it is also a good choice. There is a demand, there is a birth source.

  (Comprehensive reporter Li Changyu and Xinhua News Agency reporter) [Editor: He Jiqiu].