What is the pre-marriage phobia? It turned out to be this 6 psychological

What is the pre-marriage phobia? It turned out to be this 6 psychological

When men and women are in love, the next step is to enter the marriage and form a new family, but many men and women in life will have marriage before entering the marriage, and there will be various adverse psychology. Even people who have lost marriage around people will be afraid, want to avoid.

In fact, this is what we often say before the pre-marriage phobia, pre-marriage phobia refers to the fear of marriage and marriage before marriage, most of the pre-marital phobia, not really don’t want to get married.

When you are in love, the distance between marriage is relatively large, but also because the distance is made to fill a better idea to the other side, even through fantasy to evaluate each other, but most of this evaluation is limitations, will Enhance the advantages of the other party. And gradually enter the marriage phase, then live with both men and women.

Small details in life and bad habits will be exposed. In this case, they will suspect themselves because they feel dissatisfied with the performance of the other party. Due to most women, the birthmaster will affect the work after marriage, and even need to give up great future, many women are worried that pregnancy will affect their work after marriage. Since everyone’s living habits are different, they are not only living with partners after marriage, and some will include a partner’s parents.

Because everyone’s living habits and personality are different, they are prone to disagreement. In this case, they will feel scared because they are unfamiliar.