Xinhua Interview | Zhang Wanlou: Dujiangyan City is committed to building "National Urban and Rural Integration Development Test Area Demonstration City"

Xinhua Interview | Zhang Wanlou: Dujiangyan City is committed to building "National Urban and Rural Integration Development Test Area Demonstration City"

Dujiangyan seven-Jile poetry township scenery.

Specifically, in terms of rural domestic garbage, Dujiangyan has established the garbage disposal system of "village collection, city transfer, city handling" from urban and rural areas, daily production of daily production, and the harmless treatment rate of 100%; In terms of rural domestic sewage treatment, Dujiangyan has established a long system of the city, town street, and village, and realizes a standardized sewage treatment plant in the town. Realize the comprehensive transformation of 30,568 rural household toilets, achieving a penetration rate of rural household registration households reaching more than 90%, ensuring that the three-year action of rural people’s environmental remediation has a full completion.

The most beautiful homestay in Dujiangyan – overhanging in the Ronghua.

As for the transformation of how to promote ecological value, Dujiangyan City will focus on the positioning of "International Terminal Computation Tourism Destination", not destroying the original ecological vegetation, does not change the original water landscape, and does not demolition the original architectural remains. "The principle of" planting green landscape, meditation, industry gathering ", the construction of specialty towns, the protection of Chuansi Linyi and Dujiangyan Essence Zone to repair three major support for ecological value transformation, through four Great measures to promote the conversion of ecological value.

The construction of the "micro-field" in the community enhances the demonstration effect of the beautiful new village complex "microadden".

First, the protection of ecological resources is based on the cornerstone of the transformation of the value.

Dujiangyan City will excavate the ecological background with self-flow irrigation and farming culture, and introduce well-known architectural design masters in accordance with the standard of 5A scenic spots, and conduct "originality" in the forest plate and escapement, and conduct a networked greenway. Shape the "Great Irrigation District" Petroology IP. The second is to guide the integration of "agriculture +" industry, expand value conversion space. Dujiangyan City will create high-quality agricultural and sideline products to high-end integrace products through agricultural products production and processing + consumer experience + sightseeing extension, to achieve high-quality agricultural and sideline products to high-end integrity products, tourism accompanying ceremony, night tour products to improve, formation "Agriculture +" "" Agriculture + "" "Agricultural +" "" Agriculture + "" "Food and Rattop" features a key project such as Tianfu Agricultural Park, and the Sololin Pan. The third is an opportunity for urban and rural integration tests to enlarge value to translate dividends. One is to gradually push the financial fund "remembering stock" pilot, expand the participation model of multi-element, realize the company, village collective and farmers to build a win-win, activate the vitality of rural development; second, it is necessary to guide farmers to build a country Tourism Alliance, Collection Asset Management Committee, etc. Resource management and resource management of sexual construction land, actively explore the municipal state-owned platform company to cooperate with professional land management companies to carry out land for the market.

The fourth is to support the support of the strong industrial function area as support and strengthen value conversion. Optimize the overall planning of the Essence Irrigation District Kangao Industrial Function Zone, realize the development space of the scientific layout industry, scientifically configured the spatial feature resources, forming the urban space system of the "one core and downtime", the urban space system; strengthen the functional district management committee Empower, do the system and mechanism of "Ribbon + State-owned Platform Company", further enhance the industry development capacity in industrial function districts.