The wine is filled, the Fenxiang wine cellar is successful in Beijing!

The wine is filled, the Fenxiang wine cellar is successful in Beijing!

Recently, the Fenxiang wine cellar is held in Beijing. After the foundation of the Fenxiang wine cellar, the first online event was held, and the Beijing area was invited to the founder of Fenxiang CEO Deng Zhengping, and Fenxiang Jointly founded Zhang Weifeng and other good wine, talk about the future. At the beginning of the event, the founder of Fenxiang, Deng Zhengping, said the important significance of Fenxiang’s business layout and wine cellar project.

He said: Fenxiang has been committed to discovering more products, launching more projects, multi-faceted, and deeply satisfied user needs.

Whether it is the previous HBDAYS and Fenxiang Cloud Store, or now the current wine cellar project, Fenxiang is expanded in everything in the user-centered basis, and we firmly believe that only quality can only touch the user, the fragrance quality, trustworthy .

(Fenxiang founder CEO Deng Zhengping) Subsequently, Fenxiang User Expands Wanbo Wen Wenmin further explained the Fenxiang wine cellar project to the partner of the scene. He said: Fenxiang Wine is freely through professional and strict product control, providing a gathering white wine, red wine, wine, beer, fruit wine, etc. Development products, etc. to meet the long-term selection pools of various needs.

And the launch of the Fenxiang wine cellar is also to provide you with quality alcohol, help everyone increase income channels. The Fenxiang wine cellar is worth looking forward to.

(Fenxiang User Development Training Director Wan Bowen) wine fragrance, has already evacuated a worm, followed by everyone, I have been looking forward to a long time.

Get together, this event not only wants everyone to taste the wine, but also want everyone to understand the wine. For this respect, Fenxiang also invited the national first-class wine sister Song Tao to share the knowledge of wine.

(National First Class Song Dynasty Song Tao) In sharing, he is from theory to practice, not only the definition of liquor, not only the fragrance, but also demonstrates how to correctly, and finally A series of products takes a detailed understanding of the history, culture and characteristics of several wine. Cut the dislike, toasting, although the activity has ushered in an end, but the Fenxiang wine is giving a deep impression on the partner, and it is certainly: Fenxiang wine cellar, wine, alcohol, wine is famous. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.