The initial heart is like a red (national moral model)

The initial heart is like a red (national moral model)

"I am alive in alternatives.

"On the bed, I looked at the familiar battle scene of the movie" Changjin Lake ". The 97-year-old Sun Jingkun old man wet, and his thoughts returned to the Korean battlefield of the war in the war. January 1948, 24-year-old Sun Jingkun Sign up for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, with the troops in the north war. Recall the battle that is just entered, Sun Jingkun is still in the eye.

The bullets are densely flying, and the cotton in the cotton jacket flew around. Half a month, he changed 4 cotton jackets. In just a few months, he practiced a skill.

From Montenegro to fight, the Liao Western General Assembly, until the Queen Liao Yaoxiang Corps, in the Liaoshen Campaign, he has two three-class work. In November 1948, Sun Jingkun’s troops entered into customs from the nine-door, surrounded by Beiping, and committed Tianjin. The battle of Pingjin, he also settled second-class work. In June 1950, the Korean War broke out. Sun Jingkun, who has just been withdrawn from Hainan Island Battlefield, is waiting for the river. Dragon Waterway area, Sun Jingkun launched a fierce competition with the US military, and the bullet hurt his left arm. He didn’t retreat. Battlefield, returning to abreast. In Dandong more than a month, he proposed a queue application.

The second time across the ducks, he went to the front line and chased the army. On the way, the train suffered a bomb, Sun Jingkun lost contact with the troops, and had to return to China for the second time. Two days later, he passed the river to catch up with the army. Sun Jingkun has only a belief, and it is better to go home. In 1955, Sun Jingkun retired, returned to the hometown of Dandong Mountain, Liaoning.

Not long after, Shancheng Village established a production team, he served as the first production team captain, one is 26 years.

When he handled the party’s relationship, he dustked all his war and honor.

He led the members to dig mud, Tiantian, Tenfa’s top corn, Taiya under the lower rice, corn rice double harvest. Until today, the old people are still passing: the mountains and a team of Daya Bay, that year is the mud beach, when the water is flooded, it will become a rice grain. Sun Jingkun led the Shancheng team members to Donggou County (now Donggang City) to learn rice, see where people are still very strange, and learn strawberry planting technology. Strawberry rapidly became the deputy industry of the mountain city, and the accounting Qu Hua has remembered that the mountain city is a beautiful grass raspberry seedlings to sell five or six thousand yuan.

Sun Shiyang, which is close to the year, I can’t forget the foot of the grandfather Sun Jingkun for many years.

In 1989, the villagers were collectively watched with the villagers to watch the movie "Shang Ganling". Sun Shiyang squatted: "I don’t look, if I let go, I will go."

"But he didn’t think that Grandpa suddenly kicked him, loudly:" This is a film that said anti-US aid, must go! " "At that time, he didn’t understand why Grandpa was angry.

In Sun Shiyang’s impression, Grandpa is an authentic farmer, a serious and reluctant old man, which is very strict for his father and yourself. For so many years, Sun Jingkun has never reached once to the organization, and the mouth has a mouth, and the children did not follow him with a point of light. "I am 8 years old, and I can’t get 4 yuan in the family.

My dad is the production captain, as long as I open a introduction letter, the tuition fee can be exempt, but he will not give it.

"Daughter Sun Mei Li said.

Sun Mei Li recalls that when she is 16 years old, the telephone will pick up the phone.

But when she was named, she was taken down by her father. The father said that your culture is low, don’t delay the matter. "Two years ago, my father ‘s" I am sorry you’, let me know that he has always loved me. "Sun Shiyang often led his hero’s story to his son, he is more and more understanding grandfather’s inner world – – I have experienced life and death, never gains more than personal, always think more about giving back to society. "Grandpa left to our spiritual wealth, worthy of us to inherit!" Sun Shiyang said.