Xiamen Siming District has launched a "two cancer" screening for 4,960 female workers.

Xiamen Siming District has launched a "two cancer" screening for 4,960 female workers.

Breast cancer and cervical cancer (hereinafter referred to as "two cancers") are diseases that seriously endanger women’s health. "Two Cancer" screening is one of the Xiamen Municipal Government for private practical practical projects.

Siming District Maternal and Child Health Hospital takes the opportunity of "I do practical things for the masses" activities in the event of party history, measures the "two cancers" screening in 2021, as of the end of August, free of charge for women workers in the district Screen 4,960. First, the topic deployment, mobilization preheating first.

Convening a special work meeting, standing in the construction of "healthy thinking" strategy, earnestly grasping the "two cancers" screening; extensively carry out social mobilization, preheating.

The second is that the organizational process is optimized. Under the premise of strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control, the screening work is advanced according to the planned batch.

According to the needs of corporate demand, the District Maternal and Child Health Hospital has built the census working group, coordinated the census schedule with enterprises and institutions, and entered the enterprise for female employees, and safeguard the smooth development of screening. The third is to coordinate resources and standardize project implementation.

Take the technical backbone of gynecology, medical examination department, ultrasonic medical department, form an expert team; establish a consultation, screening and follow-up relevant management system, do a good job in two cancer screening information logging into and suspicious positive cases, timely tracking abnormalities Subsequent treatment of cases.

This round of screening found that there were 100 cases of cervical cytology, 5 cases of cervical height cancer, 200 cases of breast mass, 1 case of breast cancer, and found outstanding management.

By screening to achieve early hair, early diagnosis, early treatment, and the majority of female employees in the jurisdiction.

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