Yunnan Diqing: Ensure that fishing policies to the letter

Yunnan Diqing: Ensure that fishing policies to the letter

Cum-joint enforcement campaign site.

Source: Diqing Sen police micro-channel public number recently, Diqing Prefecture Public Security Bureau Police Detachment joint forest Diqing Market Supervisory Authority, Diqing agricultural and rural law enforcement officers to carry out key waters of the Yangtze River "Decade closures" cum-joint enforcement campaign to ensure that fishing policies to the letter. During the event, a joint law enforcement group to the closures involved benzilan town, township drag Jinsha River Basin top village, town tower and other joint fishing campaign. Joint law enforcement team to distributing promotional materials to the area of the masses, to explain the scene and other forms of exchange, and promote the importance of policy requirements "Decade of closures" of the Yangtze River, making public the telephone.

The majority of market players and mobilize the masses to actively support and cooperate Participating protection of the Yangtze River, so that "fishing ban" landing force.

Joint law enforcement inspection group of restaurants, promote the importance of the Yangtze River fishing ban to restaurants leader, to explain the dangers of river fish sales, require timely change menu contains the word plaque and wild fish, which do not meet the requirements, and create effective ban social cohabitation atmosphere. Also check on the market, sales of non-river fish, such as the sale of fishing gear, but also to law enforcement officers along the Jinsha River, a comprehensive inspections. The joint law enforcement inspected catering business more than 100 households, farmers market three, nine seafood dealers, fishing tackle shops and 8, the Yangtze River fishing ban publicity material posted more than 100 copies, signed a letter of commitment of more than 20 copies, issued 5 parts by rectification notice.

Through this joint law enforcement to ensure that the state’s key water of the Yangtze River Basin "Decade of fishing" work orderly and effectively, to create a "water does not catch, the market does not sell, do not do the restaurant, the people do not eat" good atmosphere.

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