Yannan, Anhui: Tongqin into the campus musical notes

Yannan, Anhui: Tongqin into the campus musical notes

The classmates of Wang Hao, Wang Hao, Wang Hao, was rehearsed under the command of the teacher.

People’s Network reporter Miao Jianjian started in September 2020, in order to promote students form art hobbies, enhanced artistic rhizophren, and Yannan according to the actual choice of economic practical and beautiful harmonica, in the county’s compulsory education stage primary and secondary schools.

In order to ensure the smooth opening of the course, in June 2020, Xiongan County conducted training on music teachers in the compulsory education stage, and invited domestic well-known experts to guide. Wang Hao, Wang Hao, Wang Hao, is located in Laimuo Township in the Monte District. It is a remote rural school on a Zhuangtai. Recently, when the People’s Network Anhui Channel reporter came to the interview here, the children of the school’s harmonicity group were under the leadership of the music teacher, and practiced the "Golden Snake Dance".

"In September last year, 7 primary schools in the township have set a piking class. The children have sent a harmonica for free, and there is a fixed course every week. The school has established a harmonica community, let the harmonica’s learning more deeper, and more .

"The principal of the old visit center school is said to say.