Why is the "surprising" rich industry why said the "amazing" industrial secretary?

Why is the "surprising" rich industry why said the "amazing" industrial secretary?

2020 Liuzhou realizes the sales income of 11 billion yuan; supporting and derivative industry sales income is 13 billion yuan; the sales revenue of the store is 11.8 billion yuan … a bowl of snail powder, in just a few years, "three Billion "big industry.

"It’s amazing! Xiaomi powder has made such a large-scale industry, it is not easy, it is worth studying.

"On April 26th, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Liuzhou Spirit Powder Production Collection Area, and learned about the promotion of employment and driving farmers’ income.

Why is the snail powder industry so fire? Xiaomi powder can also change "net red" Guangxi people to eat rice noodles, "from morning to night, it will not be as heavy as a week".

Liuzhou snail powder is the largest in the most famous. "Don’t eat snail powder, you are Liuzhou people.

"In Liuzhou Shujing Powder Production Skills Autonomous Region" Non-legacy "inheritor Zhang Taihua’s memory, his master Blue Qiuju is one of the initial operators in the 1970s.

The snail soup that is made from the snail, pork bones and a variety of fragrant films, plus chili oil, is a must-have soup of the authentic Liuzhou spiral powder.

Sour, sour bean corner, yellow flower, yuba, fried peanut, fungus, etc. With the characteristics of "sour, spicy, fresh, cool, hot", Liuzhou snail powder, rapidly popular, and become one of Liuzhou people’s "hometown". And really "red", not the current snail powder in the spiral powder shop, but a bag of snail powder. In 2014, the first bag of Liuzhou snail powder was born.

In 2019, the "Liuzhou Snail Powder" e-commerce industrial park opened. In 2020, the "Liuzhou Spirit Powder Industry" was established.

Liuzhou screw powder is accurately captured in the "stomach" of urban young people in the way, and is also favored by more and more foreign diners while become a local people’s memory.

High quality, strict standards, Liuzhou snail powder industry rushed to the long-distancexing, General Secretary, also entered Guangxi Qiyuan Food Co., Ltd., from the central kitchen to the package workshop, see the spiral powder production process. General Secretary: "The development industry must have characteristics.

The snail powder is characteristic, caught everyone’s stomach, and made a industry on the tip of the tongue.

Continue to walk the brand road, while adhering to high quality, housing high standards. I believe that there will be a greater development prospect in the future. "" There is no short season! " "The Chairman of Guangxi Qiyuan Food Co., Ltd. Chen Sheng smiled" "Our production line has been chased by orders. Since April 26, our sales increase reached 30%.

"In order to protect the quality of good spirits from the source, Chen Shenghua strongly optimizes the company’s supplier structure, and replaced some of the quality to meet the supplier of new requirements. To ensure that the snail powder meets the food safety standards, in addition to enterprises, Quality inspection is also an important means. Gu Hong Ling, deputy director of Liuzhou Quality Inspection and Test Research Center Safety parameters when veterinary drug residues.

In addition, the center also enhances the awareness of active service, and inspects the snail powder enterprises. A bowl of snail powder creates more than 300,000 jobs in Liusi Town, Liu Nan District, Li Lijun, the village of Fengshan Village, Lioli Town, Li Lijun.

"With the expansion of the sales volume of the snail powder, the wages in these two months have also risen more than 1,000 yuan, which is a feeling of happiness.

"Wei Lijun laughed without his mouth. According to statistics, the preparation of Liuzhou snail powder has been sold from 500 million yuan in 2015, and its 50 billion yuan in 2020; the snail powder store has increased from nearly 5,000 people in 10 years ago. There are now more than 10,000 people in the bags of Liuzhou spiral powder production enterprises from 2014 to 113 in 2020; online stores more than 20,000. The hot-fired powder industry is hot, let bamboo shoots, beans and other related crops of crops. Benefit.

Summer, is the harvest season of bamboo shoots, the second generation of bamboo shoots in Baile Village in Sun Village, Liu Nan District, is busy using the sweet bamboo shoots in the bamboo forest. More than 100 acres of sweet bamboo shoots, at least one year can bring 200,000 yuan of income for Huang Jihua. "Bamboo shoots are sold! Never use themselves to pull themselves to make it hard, and more are the manufacturers to grab.

Huang Jihua told reporters.

Although there are mosquitoes in the bamboo forest, Huang Jihua is not tired.

In recent years, Liuzhou snail powder industry has created more than 300,000 jobs, helping more than 5,500 households, and the poor people have achieved poverty poverty, with a per capita income of more than 9,000 yuan, promoted the poverty reduction, and promoted the revitalization of rural resolution. "The flavor of mellow, hot and hot … Every day is so fresh, happy taste …" Recently, a "happy taste" that is exclusive to Liuzhou snail powder is popular.

On the small way, the snail is filled with the happy taste of Liuzhou people.

(Video capture: Guo Zhenqi; intern Liu Jiaying also contributed to this article).