Zhuzhou opened an environmental assessment "green channel"

Zhuzhou opened an environmental assessment "green channel"

  On March 30th, Zhuzhou City Tianyuan District Power Valley independently created 2 automated production lines of the newly put into operation of Hunan Lekang Protection Technology, 300,000. The person in charge of the company, Di Tap, thanks to Zhuzhou City Ecological Environment Bureau, and the company successfully realized transumation.

  After the epidemic, Hunan Lekang Protection Technology Co., Ltd., who has long been engaged in labor insurance suit, decided to transume the enhancement, on February 24 to apply to Zhuzhou City Ecological Environment Bureau.

"Application received at 5 pm, the organization’s review materials will be organized on the evening." Zhuzhou City Ecological Environment Bureau Tianyuan Branch Director Wen Hongwu introduced, in the principle of the Special Emission, the next morning, he brought the team Go to the company to view the factory, understand the production line design construction plan, guide enterprises to fill in the form, less than 1 hour, do a good environmental assessment procedure.

On March 10, the company’s new production line was built into production. During the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Zhuzhou Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau optimized the procedures and innovative approval. The EIA-based acceptance information is changed from the paper version to the electronic file; comprehensive implementation of the online acceptance environmental assessment and registration of the promise, the sewage permit, the proliferation transaction, etc. "Green channel", the implementation of the landscape, the promise time limit is shortened to 6 working days.

Since February, the bureau has more than 80 projects, including more than 10 medical masks, medical protective clothing.

  At the same time, the elimination of production capacity "division", strictly planning environmental protection, project environmental assessment, IPA, eliminating the country, prohibiting the construction, does not meet the national environmental standards and industrial policies, resolutely rejected, stop. Since this year, Zhuzhou City veto is not in line with urban development positioning and environmental protection requirements project, which is green and emerging industries. (Reporter Li Yongliang correspondent Cui Lin) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai).