Shanghe Organization Tourism Cooperation Seminar

Shanghe Organization Tourism Cooperation Seminar

On the afternoon of May 9, the Tourism Minister of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, participated in the hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the World Tourism Alliance and China Tourism Research Institute, with "Tourism: New Highlights, Regional Development," Symposium on the topic of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Tourism Cooperation. Dujiang, member of the Party Group of Culture and Tourism, said in the speech that the first episode of the Tourism Ministerial Conference was held, and the new chapter was opened for the tourism cooperation of the Organization member state.

I hope that the guests will be able to focus on the theme, and suggest that countries continue to organize tourism cooperation, and it is recommended that countries continue to enhance the level of tourism, do major tourism exchanges; deepen regional cooperation, improve tourism service quality; play a cultural advantage, strengthen tourism purposes Extension and cooperation.

Afgus Carnantanham, Minister of Tourism, India, said that there is a broad cooperative space between member states and India, which requires further deepening.

Tourism is the best way to increase human exchange and cooperation, look forward to world organizations such as World Tourism Alliance to jointly promote global tourism peace and development. Duan Duan Quan, Chairman of the World Tourism Alliance, said that the current tour has become an important engine for the cooperation of members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The purpose and principle of the World Tourism Alliance and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have a lot of fit, will continue to strengthen information exchange and sharing, promote tourism exchanges and cooperation between the Alliance and Shanghai Cooperation Member States. At the seminar, the representative of the participating meeting was discussed on the status quo and future prospects of the Shanghai Cooperation, and focused on the development, information exchange, and tourism products, tourism, travel insurance, scientific research and education. Cooperation. Shanghai Cooperation organizes the head of the tourist department of Member States, the head of the World Tourism Alliance and some member representatives, and the domestic provinces and cities tourism enterprises, college representatives, and more than 300 people in the seminar. (Wen: Wang Yangtu: Xing Guangming).