Shenzhen Futian National Basic Public Service Standardization Comprehensive Pilot Through the Mid-term assessment

Shenzhen Futian National Basic Public Service Standardization Comprehensive Pilot Through the Mid-term assessment

Original title: Futian District National Basic Public Service Standardization Comprehensive Pilot High Size passed the medium-term assessment from November 30th to December 1, the relevant person in charge of the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration leads the expert group to standardize the basic public service of Shenzhen Futian District Integrated pilot project launches medium-term assessment. Finally, the pilot takes a high score.

The reporter learned that as the first batch of basic public service standardization in Shenzhen, Shenzhen’s only basic public service standardization, the Shenzhen Futian District, the responsibility and service of Shenzhen Central District, the first, and the whole district will promote the comprehensive pilot reform project. Falling effect, forming "wide coverage, sustainable, high quality, characteristic" Futian basic public service standardization construction path, combing 145 basic public service matters, leading, participating in 44 basic public service standards into provincial and municipal local standards, Helps the quality of the premiere of the first demonstration standard, high quality to create basic public service standardization "Shenzhen sample", making the people’s masses to achieve more and more sustainable, and more security is more secure. For the national basic public service system, "Shenzhen Sample" is coming, and the provincial appraisal group is a line of assessment groups, and we will go to Xiangmihu Street Qiaoxiang Community, Shangmeinfukang’s home visit, and listen to standardization work.

  Xiangmihu Street Qiaoxiang Community has a total area of ??square kilometers and about 10,000 people. As a pure residential community, "do household service" has become a highlight of basic public services here. At present, Qiaoxiang Community provides a pregnancy health service, 0-6 years old children’s health management services, elderly health management services, infectious diseases and public health emergencies, community pension services (dietary supply, cultural entertainment ), 55 service matters such as home pension service (appropriate aging reinforcement), helper disabled service, people mediation service, retirement military service, community integrated cultural service center free open service. The reporter saw that the Qiaoxiang Village Square is centered, the party group service center, the social service center, the community police office, the national fitness path, 24-hour library, children’s home, the elderly canteen, Civilization College, Echoyan University of Industry Waiting for public service facilities, standardized application scenarios are colorful, form a convenient "15-minute" service circle with group buildings in residential areas. Luo Jiajia, secretary of the Community Party Committee, earnestly assumed the "Futian District Basic Public Service Standard System", "Futian District Basic Public Service Standard System", comprehensive combining the basic public service list, the community basic public service standard system, what can I enjoy? The basic public service is provided, and the residents are all at a glance today.

  The family in Fukang, Qi Qi, Shangmeirin, is a vivid silhouette of the Futian District to create a happy benchmark of "weak" people’s livelihood. The building area is nearly 7,800 square meters, and the family of Fukang, which is high, is integrated by the Futian District Government full investment, giving office and services. Not only has the Futian District Administrative Service Hall Disabled Persons’ Federation, and there are multi-functional sports farms, disabled accessories service centers, and their family resource centers, disabled literature, painting and calligraphy, happiness park. , Integrating government affairs services, rehabilitation training, daytime care, vocational training, cultural sports, psychological services, etc.

  In December 2013, Fukang House has accumulated more than 200,000 services since the formal investment in December 2013. Take the "Happy Paradise" brand activity as an example, the project gives full play to the power of disabled people, through learning exchanges, cultural salons, growth forums, psychological counseling, dating networking, etc., has opened the event over 2000, for 1166 families question. Rocal, the chairman of the District Disabled Persons, said that the standardization of disabled services in disabilities has also been promoted in all directions. Currently, 14 service items in the district Disabled Persons are included in the regional basic public service list. The newly developed 9 district-level internal norms such as "Cultural Sports Public Welfare School Service Code", and 2 local standards were obtained. The basic public service system of "14 + 9 + 2" is constructed. Through standardization, the service work requirements are refined, the process is optimized, and the efficiency, equivalent and standardization of services are promoted, and the public is public. Service supply provides a guarantee. The first demonstration promotes the happy people’s livelihood, and the basic public service of the new stairs is the important guarantee of the bottom line of the lives, and maintaining the order. As an opportunity for Shenzhen Central City and Futian to promote the national basic public service standardization comprehensive pilot, it is constantly injecting new connotations for the "Happiness of the Premium Area". Before developing the issuance of "Futian District Basic Public Service List".

Coordinate basic public service facilities layout and joint sharing, showing comprehensive coverage, service depth development, highlights of special projects, etc.

  It has created a batch of basic public service standards for Futian feature. Lead, participate in 44 provinces, municipal local standards, including 6 provincial local standards (3 items have been released, 3 items have been completed), and 38 municipal local standards ("Home Nursing Services" "Labor Dispute Mediation Code" has been released "Social Endowment Insurance Service" "Social Rescue Democratic Approval Work Guide" 36 "Registration Military Archives Management Specifications" has been established). At the same time, the experience of exploiting basic public services in the jurisdiction around Futian basic public services.

Newly developed and released 81 internal specifications that meet GB / requirements, fully covering the provision and security of basic public services, achieving all basic public service issues, standard, standard.

  In the past two days, the Expert Group conducted a comprehensive assessment of pilot construction by listening to reporting, viewing on-site, questioning questions, review information.

The expert group agreed that the leaders of the National Basic Public Service Standardization Comprehensive Pilot Project of the National Basic Public Service in Futian District attached importance to the management, the whole domain coverage, system layout, implementation, precision service, better completed the mid-term work task of the pilot point, and passed the medium-term assessment. It is reported that in comparison with national standards, the Futian District has expanded the basic public service content, the scope of the subject, and increases the people’s population and service categories covered by the service, effectively improve the happiness index of all citizens in Futian District. At the same time, 41 items with Futian features and highlights, children’s friendly services, primary and secondary school student research practice education, Guangdong Hong Kong and Macao Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, social sports venues Huimin open service project have national leading demonstration role. "The basic public service list of Futian is actually developed in the jurisdiction, and some service matters are refined, and Futian features and highlights! At the same time, the district has carried out supervision and inspection for standard implementation, and found problems and improved operations. I highlight the results of the pilot work and play a good promotion of demonstration effects.

"Expert Group evaluation said. It is reported that the next step in Futian District will continue to implement the national, provincial, municipal creation requirements, depth absorption of opinions proposed by the expert assessment team, play the first demonstration role, improve the people’s livelihood, and is the whole country basics Public service standardization construction provides more exploration results, practical examples.

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